Thursday, January 15, 2009


just to warn you, this little blog might get pretty boring in the coming months. i could give you a list of reasons, but that would be pretty boring in itself. so just pretend you are my brother matt, you are at kings, its 1 am, and its been 2 months since you "did it" last........lower your standards and expectations.

on to the music!!

murs - bad man!

ayatollah - kingston

freddie kruger - running from love (instrumental)....i like this instrumental a lot more than the vocal version i posted a couple of days ago


Anonymous said...

I have a really big problem with this post.......

You did not capitalize the first word in each sentence, grammatically I was lost.

"When you blow out others candles to make yours burn brighter your wax burns faster, until your left with nothing".


Your brother

The Prince of Ballard said...

you are right brother. that was rude and i apologize. i am a horrible person and i should look within.

"when you point a finger at someone, 4 fingers are pointing back at yourself."

maybe i am jealous of your lifestyle but i dont know how to express my feelings properly. maybe i miss the days of waking up next to nameless women. maybe i wish i was you.........

im sorry.


your brother