Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sample spotting

i do this for a lot of other songs, but this time i thought i would do it with one of my own.

the beat......

busta - shorty...re-post

the samples.....

arthur alexander - go home girl...a really bad courty western/souls song that just happens to have a ridiculous bass line

james brown - blind man can see it (extended version)...these drums are a choppers dream

now you know how easy it can be, so go out and get some bootleg software and do it yourself!

bonus material:

arthur alexander - anna

more james brown - blind man & the das efx track that sampled it here


Simmer Down (James) said...

I've been doing some fiddling, loop grabbing and so forth with Hercules rmx console w/traktor.... this is good for mixing, cutting etc... but do you have some specific programs you'd recommend?? (have Reason, Cool Edit Pro)... tinkering is fun, always good to increase the knowledge..

love technology

Anonymous said...

why is Pete not wearing Recs?

The Prince of Ballard said...

i use sony acid pro 5. i think its one of the more ghetto progrmas out there but its easy to use and its great for chopping samples. the only thing i wish i could do is use a midi controler, which i understand i would want to use another program for. that has been holding me back.

pete is a buster. he is on the shit list right now.