Thursday, March 26, 2009

audi 5000 g

i'm out!!

headed to the PDX (portland) tomorrow for a quick bite, a quick show (alice russell, ohmega watts, and looking forward to ragen fykes), then headed to mt. bachelor whic has been getting dumped on! i also see a possibility of sun in the forecast so i'm sure i will come back with a smile on my face.

here are a few we'll be listening to on the way

ohmega watts - stayed tuned

ohmega watts - that sound (quantic soul orchestra mix)

quantic - the sound of everything (feat. alice russell)

quantic - common knowledge

quantic - perception

common - the corner (the soul children remix)

go here for more alice russell. i will try and get those download links up soon.


Brooke said...

How was the sushi????????????

(Damn you.)

Fifteen said...

nice remix