Tuesday, March 24, 2009

random bits

1. i HATE deleting old files so i have decided to re post some old stuff. oliver is calling it "5 year rewind," art decade is calling it "from the archives," but i think im going to call it "last chance bitches." i will try and get these up at least a week before the files are permanantly deleted.....just one more way the prince is helping you out in this time of economic crisis.

2. my new favorite thing is cutting off people in BMWs. if you are driving through ballard in your yuppie-mobile and i pull out in front of you and you have to slam on your brakes....i'm not sorry.

3. my new gym is on the 5th floor and the majority of people take the elevator instead of the stairs. some of these people are going to use the stair climbing machine when they get there. i wonder how much these peoples BMW payments are?

4. i am going to my 2nd yoga class tonight......by choice. namaste bitches.

5. no frontin'. this crazy lady (amongst others, good & bad) made me realize that you have to be pretty interesting to blog. this isnt myspace or facebook where you can do somthing cool or funny ONCE and let that clever picture represent you. nope, you have to be interesting week after week. i am lucky enought to be able to hide behind pictures & music because i am obviously not a writer. sometimes i wish i was.

6. sally. saturday night. WOW. still trippin'.

7. it looks like my b.cause post got deleted. sweet! so if you didnt catch it, make sure to go to his blog and get all of his edits and remixes. they are really good.

thats it. i just had to get a few things off my chest.


theodorebecker said...

Hey. Do you dj? I've been wondering that. With all the edits....just seems like something only a dj would do. But I never see you promoting events on your site so I've assumed you aren't.

The Prince of Ballard said...

i dont dj, although i should. i did a little bit of the duo thing with a friend of mine. i provided the beats, then he mixed them while i guzzled beer and danced like an ass. it worked. we have always talked about doing it again if the situation is right.

Jim Branigan said...

need more details on your saturday night adventure

The Prince of Ballard said...

i'd love to jimbo, but i cant.

what are we doing on wednesday?!

Russell said...

hang in there with the yoga. It can be tough for dudes.

Jim Branigan said...

fair enough, pob.
enjoy pdx and let's circle back for some synergy next wednesday night.

i'm debating the dray so that i can come full circle on this exercise.