Wednesday, April 22, 2009

deep thoughts

by the prince of ballard

-this will be my last weekend on the mountain and im pretty sad about it...especially because it will probably rain. but its been a good run and ive never had so much fun during such a shitty winter. probably because of this, and this. RIP winter fun.

-in general, things are a little different for the POB these day. a little less of this, and a little more of this. is this a bad thing? fuck no. shits grand.

-i havent posted any remixes lately because i am using my time to create the best darn mixtape you kids will ever hear! it possibly might even be seen in the form of an actual "tape." who knows.

-big shouts to everyone that still thinks having an iphone makes them cool.

-big shouts to the hippies out there that wont expose themselves to the harmful chemical and pesticides in non-organic food.....but smoke cigarettes.

-big shout to the men out there that wear womens brand jeans (i.e. true religion, or 7's).

-and a huge shout to all of the new ballard yuppies. keep waiting for hours in the cold outside of the dish and senor moose for mediocre food. you want to fit in soooooo bad dont you? thats why you moved here in the first place. fuck off.

-this is what im listening to right now and it makes me smile to imagine summer, swimming, and a little thing we like to call "day drunk."

warren g - this is the shack


Anonymous said...

you used my hippie complaint I want the rights, Im sending this from my Iphone outside of Senior Moose's.


The Prince of Ballard said...

do you think you are the only one that has thought that??? you douche. are you going to claim the rights to the "vegitarians with leather shoes" complaint too?

Tanja Maduzia said...

Oh, stepbrothers - play nice!

Anonymous said...

Yeah thats mine too dont take it. hi Tanja!

The Prince of Ballard said...

and quit trying to use namaste ho. ive been saying that for a year and a half..........

you need some new material. youre washed up. youre like bob saget post full house pre foul mouth comedy tour.

Theresa Maduzia said... favorite. Why does this phenomenon not get more props???

The Prince of Ballard said...

day drunk. its almost holiday status. its like going on vacation for a few hours when drinking at night seems so normal.

Tanja Maduzia said...

"hi" back at you Matt!