Thursday, April 2, 2009

kids these days....

as corny as it is.....i google myself sometimes. whatever. i bet you do too. so the other day i found this.....

which was completely worth it because it lead me to this.....

marth & the vandellas - heatwave (???? remix)

i also noticed you removed the annoying intro on that jungle lion track, so heres another original version without it.

the upsetters - jungle lion

and here are a couple more that should be included for obvious reasons

dixie wonders - my soul has got to

quantic - westbound train...via


dub and bobby said...


you are the man. keep up the good work. we were surprised, as our site meter kept dinging referrals to the 'ballard shout out' post. then we realized it was from you... Holla!

Anyways, your jungle lion is much crisper than ours. Originally, we ripped it from an old upsetters record we picked up at Amoeba music in S.F.

always on point,

dub and bobby

dub and bobby said...


the heatwave remix is "mr. b. reggae remix"