Tuesday, July 21, 2009


ballard, to portland, to florence, to brookings, to cresent city, throught the redwoods, smith river, to grants pass, to haul ass home. last night i walked into the ballard matador laughing because i had breakfast in california that morning. long day, long trip, decent pics on a borrowed camera. new one in the mail!

i've been feelin the gloss rap lately so thats what you get....

clipse - i'm good

wale - pretty girls

brookings is the top secret gem of the earth. i think its my new favorite spot.

only buy the bare necessities:
3 boxes of creamsicles
6 pack of hoegaarden (for the fancy pants)
12 pack of modelo (preferably cans)
3 cans redbull
1 dozen assorted donuts
3 bottle champagne
1 bottle maui secret browning oil

this shoulder was 0" wide and 50' deep.

good times. feeling a bit tired today, but i'm getting excited for lake chelan in 3 day. no time to sleep in the summer. thats what october is for.