Thursday, July 9, 2009

musical wandering

i was driving through the hood the other day (MLK & yesler to be exact) and i saw this wonderful sight. now, i think we have all seen CARS sitting on block in the ghetto, but a HOUSE!??? and it had obviously been there for a long time with no intentions of moving. and yes, the broke down limo on rims and white wall parked in front was a nice touch too. MAGIC!

back to the music now. i know i have been slackin on this front, but life has been a little too wild to dig for tunes. so here is a random string of progression.

betty swann - i think i'm falling in love

betty swann - my heart is closed for the season

betty swann - make me yours

leon haywood - make me yours

then my girl phyllis goes and kills it

phyllis dillon - make me yours

just like she did with this one

phyllis dillon - perfidia

its fun to listen to these other versions to see how much flavor she brought to one of your grandmas favorite songs.

nat king cole - perfidia

julie london - perfidia


Matt said...

good to have you back on board, but good to see you've been out there mackin' it.

Tanja Maduzia said...

me likey make me yours. The limo....ha!!!