Wednesday, December 23, 2009


that jesus guy has really got it made. people fear him like some bad ass bully even though i hear he's one a hell of a nice guy. and then, every year, people world wide throw him the biggest birthday party that makes p diddy look like a washed up nobody.......wait.....what does PUFFY PUFF DADDY do? how fitting that his name is puff? what a puff. i'm not buying your cologne puff.

anyways, happy birthday jesus. you FUCKING ROCK!

as for me? i'm out. headed south in search of snow. packing the whip with the necessities....snowboards, super hot trendy flannels and beenies, fancy ties and dresses, champagne, champagne of beers, 2 current copies of US weekly, 3 snowboard magazines, an AC/DC converter, a camera, a video camera, capri suns, baked cheesy puffs, a bag of herb, 2 ipods, ibuprofen, 7 new CD's, 31 old ones, lots of clean socks, and the hottest drinking buddy i could ever ask for.

so you kids be safe. and remember that NYE is just another night. dont feel like you have to go over the top and act like you grew up in the suburbs.....puking and fighting like a navy ship just pulled into port.

here are your christmas treats.......

clarence carter - back door santa w/ intro loop

saturdays children - deck five

also, do yourself a favor and go here for the most face melting version of auld land syne you have ever heard

see you next year


paul said...

Many thanks for each and every drop this year.