Friday, March 5, 2010


there are a lot of albums out there that make me this actually good music, or does it just remind me of my youth so much that i will always love it? does anyone else like ray luv? would anyone else that didnt grow up in the bay area in the 90's consider this one the greatest albums EVER?


sample track.....

ray luv - i'd rather be a pimp

album cover awesomeness


Anonymous said...

its actually good music but its also shit we grew up on... its a combination of the two that makes it what it is to ppl like us. and i grew up in seattle. ride wit the luvva man is the best cut on the album by far..

Anonymous said...

Hey man,
Forever Hustlin' is one of the most solid albums to come out of the bay. Khayree (the guy who produced most of Mac Dre and Mac Mall's albums) kills it throughout the whole album, providing a good balance of gangster, chill, and funky songs. This is coming from a 23 year old who didn't grow up in the bay area in the 90's but listens to a lot of bay area rap

Furthermore, does it really matter if it's good music or not, as long as you enjoy it?