Tuesday, May 25, 2010


i know i slacked on this, and the flood of new readers have probably come and gone disappointed. but the "remixes" link to your right ------> now links you directly to the royal edits page with all new links for every song i've made. i cant believe how many it ended up being. i really should be making better use of my time. so i hope you little fuckers enjoy.

and one last note, so i dont have to answer the same question 30 more times.....the song i sampled on the jay-z dap kings song was from a sharon jones & the dap kings in studio performance at our local radio station KEXP. you can listen to it here....


hit the "full performace" link and it will be the first song you hear.

now go swimming.


Anonymous said...

Sharon was in town last week and I missed out on her show. After listening to this I'm now regretting it even more... thanks for nothing

Nice post, Sir