Thursday, October 21, 2010


i made a huge effort to do as little as possible while in hawaii. things missing from my trip included (but not limited to)....organized tours of any kind, restaurants that required shirts or shoes, shopping for anything besides beverages, wearing anything with a flower pattern, anything that required a rental, anything that required my signature, anything that i needed a cell phone for, or anything that forced me to spend time with strangers from nebraska, kentucky, queen anne, or bellevue.

things my trip DID include....getting up early with no alarm clock, drinking mai tais, apply sun tan lotion to those hard to reach areas of my girlfriend, swimming with turtles, jumping off big rocks, sampling local agriculture, drinking with new friends, driving around the island listening to prince of ballard remixes (holler!), watching fat tourists in lahaina, going to happy hour every single day, eating lots of fresh fish, and endless hours of listening to reggae on the beach. perfection.

with that being said, i didnt take as many pictures as i usually would have, but heres the greatest hits. big thanks to hawaiian airlines for this magazine cover. seeing that "I heart KJ" t-shirt was a heck of a way to start my trip.