Friday, January 28, 2011


view from the dock in front of my office, brought to you by the trusty cell phone camera.

i keep revisiting this and this video, so i figured i should get the mp3's up.

the ambassadors - aint got the love

shad - rose garden.....oliver had a great post breaking this one down.

and a random bonus via

skeletons - over the bridge

can i wrap this thing up with a short rant? i think this might be the worst winter ever. rain in the mountains every week for the past month? snowboarding hasent even been a part of my life this year and that makes me borderline angry. i cant believe i'm flying to california of all places for snow. la nina is a worthless bitch.

on a more positive note, i'm getting really excited for this


Anonymous said...

Dear Prince of Ballard, please change your music hosting service (divshare) and switch to a more reliable one! I can't access your great remixes!!