Tuesday, February 8, 2011


alright paris, i'm coming for you. i hope you kids are ready for a party this saturday. i'm bringing a pile of great music and 3 pretty girls.


ricardo ray - stop, look, and listen (whiskey barons edit)

ray charles - i got a woman (matty blades remix)

outkast - spottieottiedopalicious (nacey remix)


Anonymous said...

Frenchies are waiting : )

Captain Panettone said...

The Prince's Last Tango in Paris Tour - lock up your daughters.

Anonymous said...

i was there, sure to hear some awesome mix. 'love your blog, and well, i guess i'll just stick to that... great remixes, but weird mix...

James Bamberger said...

Solid jams, how was/is ze Paris?

Slid the Marvin Gaye strip down into a mix, hopefully contribute to some more folks eating up your bandwidth!


Anonymous said...

tres interessant, merci


i was there, excited to play armed snobbery favorites from MJ and marvin gaye to b.cause and u-tern, and well, i guess i'm sorry you didnt feel the same.....but i'm glad you got that off your chest.

wait....were you the guy with a ponytail that kept asking me to play house music?

Anonymous said...

haha, nice answer... don't get me wrong, loved the songs, still do, i was only refering to the mix... you know, the thing you kinda look forward to when you're listening to an artist you're hearing performing live for the first time. I'll be glad to here you live again, but once you've done a few more of those gigs. As for your blog, if you don't mind, i'll keep coming for good pics and awesome sound, and 'll keep spreading the word about it, no hard feelings.

As for the ponytail part, yeaaah, i wish ;) (did'nt actually get the chance to reach you, you were just to far from the bar)


fair enough. i know you parisian take the craft of DJing pretty fucking seriously. i on the other hand never have....although that'll probably change.

and by the way, i'm glad you didnt get all butt hurt over my response. you passed the sarcasm test.