Wednesday, April 20, 2011


if you frequent armed snobbery, you'll notice i dont need an excuse to enjoy an adult bevereage. these rookie holidays like st. patricks day, cinco de mayo, and new years eve mean nothing to me. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday seem to be reason enough. same goes for 4/20. its just another day in the life of a blogger from east ballard. however, this year it happens to mark the first of hopefully many joint ventures (pun intended) with the good dude rude, aka rik rude of fresh espresso. i've never had interest in "producing" or working with other people, but when rik asked for a beat tape i knew he was one of the very few people i would say yes to. thats snobbery.

Rik Rude - Green Card / Post Reefer Syndrome by Prince of Ballard

this is what rik came up with after only a week and a half so hopefully there will be more to come.