Friday, May 27, 2011


really?? seriously???? is this what your bitter life has come to? bashing the "writing" of a blogger that doesnt write?

i leave you with a fragment sentance and a picture of myself.....jumping while making a funny face. silly right? well i like to laugh. i was probably laughing when this picture was taken. what makes you laugh? i suggest you focus more on that and less on how much you hate people with fun blogs. sorry about your life. it obviously sucks.


Alexis Swann Berges said...

Et merde ... (french)

PGS said...

I guarantee you this (anonymous) kid just stepped out of high school English with a couple words from that week's vocab test and then figured he would troll some blogs with his pseudo-intellectual insults. Also, seems like you hit a nerve.

Kristof said...

Dear P.o.B,

i hope you're well and happy.
you haven't been posting for a few days which is not your habit and i sincerely hope it's because you've been busy enjoying life rather being bothered by the "anonymous event".
Some people have severe disabilities at enjoying life in its simplicity and have fun just for the pure pleasure of it.they cannot reach climax unless they get busy and picky with petty things and remain unnoticed unless they've annoyed someone.
I personally found rather sweet that you got involved and was worrying about your city turning sterile and soul less.aren't we all?
So you might consider drawing a cross on your political career (your heart's too big for this) and keep on posting those amazing tunes and photographs that I/we love so much.
You've got all the support form the old continent!!
post scriptum (i think it's latin) (for anonymoustache)
English is not my mother tongue and
and i'm pretty sure i made a few grammatical mistakes in this comment;I have a degree but didn't really made it to Oxford.Is that still alright for me to post my comment anyway or shall i wait until i can afford a return to academia? let me know doc.(i thought academia was a nut anyway..silly me!