Monday, May 16, 2011


in an effort to waste more time, i've started a new blog. heres what you can expect......

armed snobbery will continue to be the go-to place for all things worthless.

the newest tab on your right -------> labeled "CELL PHONE PICS" takes you to ICE COLD CANNED BEER (best name EVER) where you will now go to see shitty quality cell phone pics of my daily life events and sightings.



Kristof said...

Dear Prince Of Ballard

in an effort to help you waste more time i will ask a couple of questions:

2-are you ready to stop this new blog?
3-why don't take your girl friend/wife for a 3 day weekend to Paris or Rome instead?
4-was the swan killed in the end?

ps: see you in Paris


if it was up to me, i would spend the rest of my life in the south of france with my girlfriend. if you want to fund this trip i will gladly stop blogging about ballard and focus on that.

the swan was a classy touch wasnt it?

when are you going to paris? i need to get back there.

Kristof said...


I'm glad you didn't take my comments the wrong way actually.It hit me this afternoon that irony and sarcasm don't travel too sometimes well via written messages.
Funny you mentioned that crush of yours on south of France cos i am actually a southern French dude who grew up in Toulouse and only moved to the UK 10 years ago (for a woman), if you ever wanted to realise this dream of yours i'll be happy to help getting you sorted out there.
I'm planning to go to Paris probably in June or July (got a few friends there) but my next trip will be a surprise trip to Rome (ie my comment) with my wife for a our 4th wedding anniversary and for once without the kiddies (i'm gonna be in the good books!!)

will let you know about Paris if you like..what do you want to do there; DJ or just enjoy? or both

ps: the swan was classy indeed..I'm almost wondering if the swan was the trigger that started off the whole "ICE COLD CANNED BEER" Ballard blog concept..
pps: here in England,swans are protected and it's an offence to kill or even mutilate them because they all belong to the queen of England.these 2 species are in fact rather similar: useless and mean.

all the best

talk soon


i'll definitely hit the south of france sometime soon so its good to know i can get some recomendations from you. i think we got a great feel for paris when we were there in february but that city is so big i am always open for new spots. i really just need to figure out where to go next and what i can afford. greek islands are on top of the list, but i'd love to squeeze in another paris trip before that if i can find some cheap airfare.

have fun in rome! make sure to act like kids yourself. i definitely love italy too.