Tuesday, August 9, 2011


hi, i'm a dork. i like fixing up bikes. this is my freshly built 1985 raleigh team usa grand prix. i finally remebered to take progress pics.......


Anonymous said...

Amazing! What a transformation, nicely done POB!

a man said...


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Anonymous said...

Read your blog from time to time and I had to give props for this thing here. That's fresh with the White , Chrome, and a little Blue. That handle bar :) goes bam bam...

Provins said...

Wow - I thought you would restore it using NOS parts and such, instead you turned it into that!?

James Dawson said...

Hi,your 1985 Raleigh Grand Prix is gorgeous!!

I am squarely in the 1985 Raleigh Camp too. I got the 1985 Prestige, Competition, and the Grand Prix. I am looking for the 1985 Super Course in 60 to 62cm, and I will have the complete 1985 RacingUSa Set..

On the Grand Prix I got it off Ebay, my size,60cm, for $50 I told the seller to take the wheels off, and just send me the rest..

Here it as I got it...

Here it is after my artistic buddy fixed it up for me. A complete 100% transformation.


I just picked up another one off CL, and my buddy and I are going to try to make this one look better..

Here is my 1985 Competition.


and my 1985 Prestige..


I miss a sweet 1985 Super Course frame in the blackberry color for $200, that was on CL. Have a 65cm one in Philly on CL for $750.. Little to steep for me..

Your bikes are awesome. Enjoyed them greatly..