Friday, October 7, 2011


some feel good sounds for your friday coming out of new zealand. they have a very unique sound down there that i've always loved.....especially when the sun is shining. think reggae and soul with lots of horns and juuuust enough pop that you're girl wil like it too. if you dig, check out the mighty K FM (pretty much the best thing ever for eating cereal on a saturday morning), or their super group, fat freddy's drop.

enjoy the weekend.


Anonymous said...

screen grab + post title = me anticipating some rebecca black type shit. happy to be wrong. though now friiiday friiiday is stuck in my head. thanks.

Kristof said...

bassline!! i tried listening with all butter croissants and rasperry works too...have a good weekend!

psbsc said...

Bigups POB! Awesome to know good NZ music is reaching far and wide!

You guys may like:

(with Isaac on trumpet) also check the group: @Peace



whoa! feelin the production on that @peace. thanks for the tip. big up NZ