Friday, January 6, 2012


happy new year all. next up we have a mixtape i did for lamixtape's january series. they asked me for a theme and i figured they were probably tired of hip hop and soul stuff so i thought i'd step outside of the box and drop "music for your lady" on em.'

give it as a gift to that girl you've been crushing, play it in the car when she'd rather listen to dave mathews or katy perry (or whatever crap chicks listen to these days), or even better play it during baby making time. no matter what the situation, having a good lady mix in your arsenal is always a good look.

check it out (along with 8 other great mixes)

and if you like it download here

and if you like this lamix idea, the post 9 new ones every month!

shit yeah,



Lamixtape said...

Big thanks for this lady tape.
Such a pleasure.