Thursday, July 26, 2012


there was definitely one album that got a lot of play on the islands when i was riding around in my ladies (super cute) dude lord echo.

now i've heard this cat before via dj day's "way out living" and a soul sides nod, but i just never really got into it until i gave it another listen while researching that fabulous arabia album (mr. mike fabulous is 1/2 of that project but also goes by lord echo). point is, this album is GOOD. really good. you should agree.

lord echo - sword cane

lord echo - honest i do .......tough out what is possibly the most annoying intro ever recorded. it'll be worth it.

lord echo - wang east


diggyDAN said...

i agree

Pete said...

Shot Prince!

Lots of wicked music from New Zealand!

Congrats on the recent nuptials Bro!