Friday, October 5, 2012


sorry for the lack of posts, i've been busy reading to the blind kids at church and working on my PHD.

i gotta give a HUGE HUGE thanks to everyone that sent in music. there was a really great mixture of tunes and it was pretty fun to see how different everyone's musical tastes are. so again.....thank you!

so i loaded them all on the trusty ipod and picked the most played songs of the trip. this includes some songs of my own, and as you will see has gone less "guy driving around the city in a cadillac listening to soul music" and more "bronzed beauty in a little bikini drinking chilled white wine." i hope that works for ya'll.

ta-ku - day (ninasimonalude)
breakbot - easy fraction
snakehips - days with u
the meters - find yourself (dj yamin remix)
marcia griffiths - feel like jumping (daytoner edit)
the freestyle mellowship - dancing skulls
willie hale - groove on (snakey dee edit)
moon boots - got somebody
kutcorners - summer song
lee mcdonald - i'll do anything for you (patchworks remix)
jimmy cliff - sitting in limbotron (dj theory edit)
moon boots - sugar
c2c - down the road (cherokee remix)
crazy p - heartbreaker
poolside - harvest moon

CLICK HERE for download

and if you guys are still in the sharing spirit, oliver just asked the same favor so head over there and spread the love.