Thursday, September 20, 2007

it's friday!

and i feel like taking it back.....
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it's funny looking at this picture, and thinking about how close me and my friends were to some of these kids. i mean, we rocked r.j. colt boots(you remeber those!) and button-ups, they rocked fila and ben davis. we shot funny home movies, they shot people. no wonder i hate judgemental suburb kids

this song is "hella" dope!

warren g - super soul sis

swv - anything (off the "above the rim" soundtrack!)

swv and michael jackson - right here/human nature

got that last one from this girl who has showed me that snobs don't ride in yellows...we only ride town cars.

and for something local...i was excited to see these guys are performing at the fremont oktoberfest tomorrow. they had me sold at beer, but this works too!

the saturday knights - 45


Anonymous said...

Who is 'this girl'? She sounds fucking awesome!

Prince of Ballard said...

she IS pretty awesome. don't the shoes make that obvious.