Monday, April 7, 2008

sho nuf

continuing with my soul kick....

five stairsteps - danger shes a stranger

the manhattans - follow your heart

and by request....

brenton wood - oogum boogum

this next one is my personal favorite brenton wood song and happens to be one of my favorite song ever. i really like how he changed up his style and gave this one almost an islander feel. shit is ill son!

brenton wood - trouble

aaaaaand i thought this greatest hits album was so nice, i decided to post the whole darn thing. if you like sunshine, smiling, swimming, or being drunk before the sun goes down, you will like this album. perfect for the aproaching summer.

brenton woods greatest hits


tanja maduzia said...

thank you! loooove trouble...definitely going on the 'make-out' mix

Prince of Ballard said...

definitely going on OUR 'make-out' mix

tanja m said...

Sorry -- forgot the "our"