Thursday, May 29, 2008


how sweet is this going to be?

"Kick off the summer at this special Remix at the Olympic Sculpture Park! DJ Kid Hops teams with Sun Tzu Sounds for a dance-until-dusk party."

the knux - cappuccino

wale - the crazy (nick catchdubs remix)

find the original east flatbush track here

santogold - say aha (tepr remix)

here is a tepr track from last summer. good song, really annoying intro.

tepr - minuit jacuzzi


Brooke said...

nice lead guru.

Jim Branigan said...

Are those photos from the prince himself?

Prince of Ballard said...

i really try to only post pics i take, but there are a fair share of non-POB photos on here. i felt ashamed when it came time to make this post and realized i dont have and pictures of that park. can i use an excuse and say that for the same reason i dont like posting typical music, i also dont like to take pictures of the typical spots? i dont have a single photo of the space needle or a view of the city from kerry park.

can you tell how defensive i am about this? i totally thought about it before you asked. i need to get over it.

Jim Branigan said...

I'll take the excuse as legitimate. And instead of congratulating you for taking a mind-blowing picture of Sunset at the Sculpture Park, I'll give you credit for finding and posting such a gem.

You should get over it. This photographer has pretty much got that landmark covered.