Wednesday, August 13, 2008


"rat and mike with a gun" by mary ellen mark

-i love mary ellen mark
-her book of portraits is one of my favorite possessions
-her photos are the most honest things i have ever seen
-i wish the people in her photos could talk so i could know their story
-i recently found out that her husband filmed many of the same people she photographed
-one of his projects was a film about street kids from seattle
-most of the film was shot around the 2nd & pike area which happens to be the tourist gateway to seattle. this area is still grimey as hell....but no where near as scuzzy as when this film was shot
-it is really sad and makes me thankful for my "normal" life
-its called "steetwise" and is now availiable on youtube in its entirety here


Jim Branigan said...

Looks like your wish came true through Mary's husband.

I'm excited to check this out. Will report back when finished.