Friday, August 15, 2008

oh ballard

crazy night last night. huge moon, ill clouds. got out and about for a bit. then went home and made this fitting beat

beat 1

alot of people give me shit for moving out the hood. but now i get to over look ballard in all its glory. sheeeit....phinney is the new black.

heres drafts of some other beats i made this week.

beat 2

beat 3 w/ clipse

beat 4


Fifteen said...

will check the beats later but sweet photos. what is ballard like?

The Prince of Ballard said...

i'm not sure if you are familiar with heaven, but its pretty much like that. greatest place on earth, and will be until the yuppies have completely taken it over.

Fifteen said...

hahahaha. THat's like many parts of new york. The Heights..Brooklyn...I'm holding out in Queens, but thankfully we're last on the list way out in Jamaica. People hear that name and think of only the poorest parts (then 50 cent blech), but even there violence is nothing compared to the stereotypes. I like to think it's a hidden treasure. I should be putting up pics soon of my move, so maybe you'll get a very short preview then.