Thursday, October 9, 2008

dub specialist

i heard this song on the radio the other day and thought i would pull out my old CD.

gregory isaacs - night nurse (cottonbelly remix)

cirque de soleil - africa (cottonbelly remix)


blankshooting said...

dig the new look!

The Prince of Ballard said...

hey thanks! i was going for the sexy look. i hear thats all the rage these day.



Fifteen said...

haha no joke, in light of recent times (being computer-and-digital-music-less) I had to pull out the old vinyl I swiped from my parents, including my mothers old Greggory I record. Nice to see a remix here.

In other news, the laptop is back. Nothing was saved. I got some OOOOLD stuff back on my external, but i'm really disappointed about all the summer photos, especially of family, that was lost.

The Prince of Ballard said...

that is horrible!! sorry man. that is every geeks nighmare. good luck with the re-up.