Friday, September 11, 2009


works been slow today so i've had a little extra time to hit the block.

first i see this sack of shit in front of me.

fuck you pal.

after spitting on his KIA, i rolled the stunt mobile to the heart of the hood.

"yeah girl, my bikes out front."
"oh, what kind of motorcycle do you have?"
"uh, its a bicycle."
"ooohhhh. hehe. ummmm, nevermind."

then i rolled up on elizabeth banks (of zach and miri make a porno fame) filming a movie on ballard ave and she just about melted when she saw those 24" rims. size matters and my mags stunt like evil knievel. if only i had sweet rimss like this when i was 11.....or even better......if only i was 11 again.

ballard is so hot right now. movie stars, blog stars, all living in harmony. its a beautiful thing.

i've been feeling extra mellow so max out with these sam perkins tracks........

cody chesnutt - smoke and love

chaz jenkel - i can get over it

flevans - dumb ballad


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha you're nuts. love it.