Tuesday, October 6, 2009


by the prince of ballard

dear spandex clad cyclists,

whys do you feel the need to ride in the middle of the road when the fucking burke-gilman trail is within an eyes-shot?????? you would rather ride in front of cement trucks on a pot hole filled street than ride down a smoothly paved bike path with zero obstacles. WHY? are you exercising your rights? do you think you are cool and want everyone to see you in all of your glory? in all of you brightly color coordinated leotard glory? if i asked you 10 years ago what you thought of a man wearing a colorful leotard, what would you say? is there a large winners cash pot at the office every day for the fruit that bikes there the fastest and precious milliseconds can make the difference?? because i happen to ride my bike a lot, and shorts and a t-shirt seem to work just fine. i dont feel an overwhelming resistance or negative drag from my civilian clothing.

also, when you say "share the road," is riding in the middle of the fucking lane at 15 MPH your idea of "sharing?" i like to ride on the far right.....cars pass me.....we SHARE that lane......we SHARE the road.

you PUFFS.



Anonymous said...

What do bike tabs cost these days?