Monday, November 23, 2009


this has been my playlist for the past week or so. pretty boring in general which i think is perfect.

joe bataan - what good is a castle part 1&2.....i used part 2 for that rick rauce remix. got this from captain planets blog way back when

captain planet - fumando....speaking of captain planet, dudes new album is everything i expected and a little more. i'd love to post a bunch of stuff from it but this is one of the few albums i actually bought this year and i think you should do the same. i will however give you this treat since i have already posted it

henri texier - les la-bas....sometimes i need somthing a little slow and strange. i dont blame you for skipping these 2 from henri

henri texier - le piroguier....i got this from sneakmove which has been really stepping it up lately with the music selections. i used it for the beat in this video

the cryin' shames - come on back....more slow and strange off a psych comp

flies - stepping stone....same album as above

the mandells - now i know....goods from odub

the vibrettes - humpty bump parts 1&2....this video from this great crew of brothers reminded me how funky this song is

little francisco greaves - moving-grooving....from blundetto's blog that you should now be visiting regularly

washed out - new theory....exploring my inner hipster

javelin - vibrationz....this song in no way reminds me of the black skies and sideways rain i see everyday when i look out of my window. i need nothing more that that reason to listen to it.

phantogram - mouthful of diamonds....this song is way better than its annoying intro

jaffa - elevator...."loungey" really isnt my cup of tea, but fuck it. it sounds good to close things down

there ya go.

and in bullshit news, both SDTW and dream chimney track of the day blogs have cloesd their doors. wtf?


Russell said...

That Little Francisco is amazing! Thanks for the Blundetto tip.

JussViciousCutz said...

Your the MAN! I enjoyed 98% of these trax! Oh yeah the Little Francisco Greaves is a BEAST!