Thursday, December 3, 2009


i jacked this pic from a fellow ballardite who caught this over in france. in general, you should expect random bits for a while. my computer situation is still shit so my own pictures and music are not that easy to sort through. have you ever lost your itunes playlists? its hard to go through 18,000 songs one at a time. adapt and overcome......

nina simone - feeling good (troublemaker remix)...related

funky 16 corners posted a really poor quality version of this song, but i was lucky enough to find a clean copy. this screams b-boy breaks

louie ramirez - do it any way you wanna

fools gold - nadine....i wish i could catch these guys on saturday who open up for these cats. there is way too much to do this time of year. bummer

and to finish up, here are a couple from dj sunshine who seems to be on a schedule of laying low for months and them popping up with a handful of gems. they are usually worth the wait.

bo diddley - who do you love (dj sunshine remix)

willie hutch - tell me why (dj sunshine remix)


Mogpaws said...

Oh shit, there're some snazzy nuggets in there! The dancefloor shall be pleased this evening, gracias!