Sunday, March 14, 2010


life has been nothing short of miserable with the stupid hours i've been working lately, but i was able to squeeze in a quick 24 hours in LA this weekend. HUGE thanks to my tour guide,chauffeur and owner/operator of hotel tanja for everything. a few things of note from my trip... 1, this restaurant is the shit. 2, if you live in so-cal and your wheels arent all black you are a NOBODY. i dont care if you're rollin a 1991 rav-4, you better murder them shits out son. and lastly, even if its 70 degrees and you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt, rockin a cashmere scarf snuggly around your neck or a wool beenie is totally acceptable. wtf?

the beatles - dont let me down


Tanja Maduzia said...

"have you seen the bathroom?!?"