Tuesday, April 27, 2010


you kids ever heard the theory about losing a year of maturity for every beer you drink?? lets break it down..........

say for example you are (cough) 30.....if you were to have 9 beers you would have the maturity of a 21 year old and you might be willing to go to a shitty nightclub and listen to horrible music.

lets say you had 16 beers. you would be around 14. you couldnt drive a car worth a shit, and you would probably fuck anything you could.

after a long night of drinking you are 27 beers into it. you are now roughly 3 years old. you cant walk or talk, and you would probably shit your own pants.

this theory gets a little off when you are pushing the 50 year old range, but tell me i'm wrong.

speaking of drinking in excess. we just booked the first leg of our italian tour. the POB does cinque terre. watch out.


Sheila said...

KJ! You're going to Italy this year? I went to Cinque Terre a 3 years ago, it is absolutely beautiful. You'll love it. Where else are you visiting?

I'll be in Europe too this September (London, Southern France, and Spain).

PS. I am in dire need for a summer 2010 mix. The 2 CDs you gave me last year have been played about a million times :)

The Prince of Ballard said...

italian tour in june. cinque terre, adriatic, le marche, florence....like a boss.