Tuesday, August 23, 2011


its world cup, theres a minute left, youre down 1 nil, every second is important, and you're worried about every move you make. thats how the seattle summer feels right now. if you dont take FULL advantage of every moment, every lunch break, every hour you have after work, it'll all be gone and you'll be waiting 9 dreadful months til it happens again. we are seriously feeling pressure around here. real talk.

sol - wtf

cityhall - street fashion go

isley brothers - i turned you on (jski extended)

hot chocolate - you could've been a lady (scratchandsniff re-rub)

catalist - dont know


CGM said...

wakesurfing is all the rage these days. fun as fuck. is that in chelan?


yes indeed, fun shit. i love that you can do it when...... its rough out......you've had way too much to drink......or you're a girl.

yep, lake chelan. love that place.

thinman said...

That Sol track is nice. Thanks.