Tuesday, February 14, 2012


to celebrate what is arguably the dumbest holiday of all time, i give you……… the love and hate post. 3 great versions of lesley duncan's love song (most notably covered by sir elton john), and 4 versions of a track dj tanner pulled from his new crates that’s all about wanting to kill yourself!!!! check these uplifting lyrics…… "with this razor in my hand, i remove my watch band, and no one is around, while i make this cut, lord i'll be dead." can you feel the love???!!!

lesley duncan - love song

jerry peters - love song

laura yager - love song

on to the hate.........

carolyn sullivan - dead

cresa watson - dead

ede robins - dead

the mark II - dead

find a little more hate right here

and to my dearest love.....having a man dressed in a bunny costume deliver me a singing gram at work was NOT funny. i'll get you back when you least expect it.


Jo/No said...

Love all the versions of Dead! Thanks Ballard