Monday, July 2, 2012


things are gonna get a little quiet around here for the summer months and for some stupid reason i'm feeling a bit guilty about it. so here's a couple of spots to check for music while i'm busy swimming and getting married such.......

apretado is an interesting set up with 2 blogger on 2 differnt continents that basiclly song battle back and forth. 1 post, 1 rebuttal. almost a musical debate class......but they both agree a basiclly nothing like debate class. just bookmark it.

also worth checking regularly is the sounds of the 70's soundcloud page. this is gonna be more for the boogie and disco heads but if thats your thing its gonna keep you jammin like a rusty pistol.

check this little summer melter that sounds like somthing sly stone would have made in the late 70's if he wasnt freebasing cocaine 31 times a day.


Sneaky Pete said...

Finally! Coveted Edo G sample revealed! Armed Snobbery does it again.

dj evil bee said...

That blog is the TITS.

Thank you.